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Eliza is a professional singer, vocal & piano teacher, choir director, music arranger & performer based in Bristol. She runs 7 choirs in Bristol, from quartets to larger groups, like her community choir, Bristol Choir Brigade. She has an a cappella group, Chicapella, and a swing band, Eliza & The Pinstripes, who perform locally. She also runs regular singing workshops at the BBC, as well as other workplaces.

About Eliza


Originally from Buckinghamshire, Eliza showed a natural flair and passion for music at an early age. She started playing piano at 7 then started singing and songwriting into her teens. She plays and teaches by ear and holds a BA Hons Commercial Music Degree from Bath Spa University as well as Grade 8 Distinction in Rock School Vocals. With a soulful voice, her musical style has a jazz edge, focusing heavily on intricate harmonies.

Eliza's mission is to get everyone singing! After being inspired by choirmaster Gareth Malone's BBC programmes working in communities, she began by getting students together to form a choir at uni, then cut it down to an a cappella group, Chicapella, which is still going strong nearly a decade on. She also runs singing workshops at workplaces such as the BBC & Silverback in Bristol.

What better way to showcase Eliza's students' hard work over the months than to bring them together for a recording and music video. Students each sang a line of their choice from "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed, picking a Bristol location that meant something to them. Eliza then brought all the students together to feature as a choir at the end of the song. The track was produced and mixed by Alf Cole and the video produced by Daniel Edney.

Watch it here​​​:

Accompanying blog to tell the story: Eliza's Perfect Day

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